Meeting Management For Law Firms

October 18, 2022 03:00 PM Europe/Copenhagen

How can we solve the meeting challenges for Law Firms and legal services?

"Meetings are complex and often involve a lot of manual processes" 

This is what we hear from our AM Law 500 customers. Companies within the legal field experience issues with room booking, inviting guests, and ordering services like catering and AV equipment. 

In this webinar we will give you an overview of the meeting management challenges Law firms and legal services encounter and discuss; how can we solve these issues.  


What will you get from this webinar?

By attending this webinar you'll get the latest knowledge on the meeting needs, challenges, and solutions specifically for legal services. 



1. Introduction

2. Common issues Law Firms encounter

- Interconnecting meeting stakeholders and streamlining meeting processes. 

3. Who are experiencing these issues?

- What needs do admin staff, receptionists and service personnel have?

4. How can we help solve the challenges?

- Get a first look at the new Workplace Central, and hear how AskCody can help solve the meeting challenges for Law firms. 

This is the question we aim to answer in this webinar. 

David B. Posada

Andreas Rahbek

Product Marketing Specialist

Melissa Papagno

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