Webinar: Return to the Office Post Covid-19

At this webinar you will get inspiration and insight into how we see collaboration take place in the office once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, and how we see AskCody's platform help in the process of reopening the office. It will be possible to ask questions, discuss and to share views.

We have seen great changes in the way we work during the Corona pandemic; many are working from home juggling work, family and leisure time and digital technology has become a premise for collaboration. Now we will hopefully soon see that things return to normal, that we can once again see family, friends and colleagues as we used to do. But will our world be the same as before? How will the habits, limitations and opportunities we as employees and companies have experienced during the pandemic shape the way we work and use our offices? This will be the starting point for our discussion at the webinar

• How has Covid-19 changed the way we work?
• What will the office look like when we return after Covid-19?
• Questions, discussion and knowledge sharing
• How AskCody's platform can contribute